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Hatch Mill

The Hatch Mill, built in 1753, is the last remaining water-powered saw mill on the North River

The mill is also the longest running family owned business in Marshfield, and stands alone as a monument to a unique period in American and New England history. Restoration of the Hatch Mill - which is on the National Register of Historic Places - will allow visitors to stand next to the giant grinding gears and traverse the ladder-like stairways between floors. Visitors will see what mill workers saw, and touch what they touched many years ago. To date, restoration has been a community wide effort, with local residents, organizations, and the Town of Marshfield Community Preservation Committee all contributing thus far. As we move towards the final phases of this fascinating project, we are excited to share with you the progress that has been made in the past few years and how you can partner with us to complete this important preservation effort in the near future!

Hatch Mill

Pine Street Extension
Marshfield, MA 02050


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