The Hatch Mill Group, Inc. is actively seeking donations and grants to complete the work on the sawmills and water power and to develop an endowment for continued maintenance and upkeep.

The Bloomwhistle Charitable Fund Matching Gift Challenge is underway! Your gift in any amount will go towards restoration of Marshfield’s historic Hatch Sawmill. Gifts will be matched by the Bloomwhistle Charitable Fund. Gifts of $500 or less will be matched 2:1. Gifts over $500 will be matched 1:1. That means $5.00 becomes $15.00, $100.00 becomes $300.00. Your $500.00 donation becomes $1,000.00.

Funds raised will be directed towards installing the electrical service that will run the mill's ready-to-go motor, which will power the sawmill. Yes! The pond reclamation is in the future, and the mill will one day be able to run via water power. The electric motor will continue to power the mill during dry spells and operate the other woodworking machinery. The electric installation will also allow for lighting, power for continued restoration work, events, etc. and very importantly for a smoke detection system and additional security measures.

The amount being sought is $60,000. Please support the Hatch Mill Group to make this happen. Hatch Mill Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to run the sawmill as a living history museum featuring the working sawmill, box mill and other woodworking machinery. Thank you to Bloom Whistle Charitable Fund for its support. Gifts from individuals, family foundations and/or businesses are eligible. Donations can be made to, The Hatch Mill Group, INC.PO Box 2518, Ocean Bluff, Massachusetts 02065. Please write “Bloomwhistle” as the memo line.


Donations can be made to:

The Hatch Mill Group, INC.
PO Box 2518
Ocean Bluff, Massachusetts 02065

Thank you!

We’re excited to announce the historic Hatch Sawmill received a grant from Mass Cultural Council and MassDev for $65,000! Thanks so much to the MA Governor for supporting the CulturalFacilities Fund!

Hatch Mill

391 Union Street
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The Hatch Mill Group, Inc.
PO Box 2518
Ocean Bluff, Massachusetts


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